The United States this fiscal year 4 months record high budget deficit

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The United States on the 11th released by the Ministry of Finance data showed that began October 1 last year, the 2009 financial year, the first four months, the U.S. government budget deficit has reached 569 billion U.S. dollars, not only for the same period in fiscal 2008 deficit level of 6 times , but also has more than 2008 full-year fiscal year hit a record high of 455 billion U.S. dollars.

Data shows that, in the end of January this year, the fiscal year of the first 4 months, the United States government revenue for the 773.5 billion U.S. dollars, up 10.2 percent reduction; while spending more than 1340 billion U.S. dollars, up 41.3 %. In January this year alone, the U.S. government budget deficit reached 83.8 billion U.S. dollars, while the same period last year was 17.8 billion U.S. dollars surplus.

The first 4 months of fiscal deficit was mainly due to the rapid expansion of economic recession to the tax has had a serious impact, at the same time government spending huge financial rescue plan.

Judging from the current situation, the fiscal year the deficit the United States almost certainly will be more than 1 trillion U.S. dollars. The United States Congressional Budget Office recently forecast that this year the deficit will reach a record 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars, this prediction does not include President Obama plans to implement economic stimulus plan involves expenses. Senate and House of Representatives on the 11th on the final version of the economic stimulus package agreed the total project size of 789 billion U.S. dollars. Therefore, many economists estimate that the United States this fiscal year the deficit will reach 1.6 trillion U.S. dollars.


Rubber Flooring: Arp

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~ 600 mm x 600 mm
Thickness: 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm

~ 1000 mm x 1000 mm
Thickness: 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm

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Notice: Because screen rendering, brightness and contrasts can vary, the colour image shown above can only represent an approximate guide to the actual colour of the product. If the colour required is critcal then please request a colour sample from our sales department.

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The French Government wishes to make its own auto industry to provide financial support high

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French Prime Minister Fillon announced on the 20th, the Government will own vehicle manufacturers to provide five billion euros to 60 billion euros in financial support to help them tide over the current crisis.

Fillon held in Paris the same day the automobile industry the General Assembly speech, said that the Government will own the auto industry to provide “strong support”, is expected to this end will invest five billion euros to 6 billion euros of funds. He also require vehicle manufacturers to remain in France as well as the production scale and the French territory of auto parts suppliers and cooperative relations, and promise not to relocate abroad, the assembly line.

Fillon also said that the convening of the automotive industry not only to the General Assembly to discuss how to deal with automobile enterprises current crisis, but also the automotive industry in order to study the future direction of development, the government will discuss the conclusions made on the basis of a decision accordingly.

In order to support the national car industry, the French government last year adopted a series of direct or indirect assistance measures, including the purchase of energy-efficient vehicles to make direct payment of consumer subsidies, allocated 300 million euros to set up investment funds industry to support the auto makers and parts manufacturers technology and equipment in the field of strategic investments, funding 400 million euros to set up R & D fund for environmental research in support of the automobile industry and so on.

Former chairman of the Nasdaq was arrested on suspicion of fraud

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Wall Street legend, the Nasdaq Stock Market’s former Chairman of the Board of Adolf Bonademai 11 morning on suspicion of securities fraud has been arrested by the police. Prosecutors accused him of manipulating the adoption of a hedge fund to investors about the loss of at least 500 million. “The New York Times” said that this may be the history of Wall Street’s biggest fraud case.

Recognition of fraud

70-year-old Michael Astoria is “L-bernard Michael Adolf investment securities companies,” founder and current Nasdaq OMX Group, members of the nominating committee. 11 morning, he was in New York’s Manhattan apartment were arrested.

Michael Adolf operating a hedge fund. Prosecutor Michael Waldorf for the indictment indicates that Michael co-Astoria 10, told the senior staff, “Basically, this is a big scam, a huge ‘Ponzi scam’, losses to investors about 50,000,000,000 U.S. dollars.”

According to the confession, Mr Adolf “not guilty defense,” he told the officers that all errors were attributed to him that he “was not used to earn money paid to investors.”

Ponzi scam

Indictment showed that wheat-Astoria “Ponzi scam” manipulation of hedge funds. “Ponzi scam” that is, the higher the rate of return for the promise of funds, investors, investment fraud, later investors to pay previous investors in the fraud.

At least in the beginning of 2005, wheat has begun to Adolf “Ponzi scam” operation. According to Mai-Astoria on January 7 this year in registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission documents show that the wheat-Astoria to provide investment advisory business, involving 11-25 customers, for a total of about 17.1 billion of funds.

Prosecutor to securities fraud charges filed against Michael Astoria. If the accused is guilty, will face Michael Adolf up to 20 years in prison and a fine of 5,000,000 U.S. dollars.


Mai-Astoria in 10,000,000 U.S. dollars to pay bail after release. “The New York Times” reported that the wheat in Adolf is legend on Wall Street. He often talked about other people to talk about how to Manhattan from the beach, a lifeguard came today. For decades, the company founded by Michael Adolf Construction of the Wall Street financial framework has played an important role. Whether traditional stock or the stock market and financial derivatives, such as new electronic trading system development, Mr Adolf small companies.

American women are mistaken for two prank calls to hang up Obama

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Internet news
The United States and around the world, politicians would like Obama was elected president of the United States received the phone call but Obama Irina Republican women – Luosi Lai Ting-en, Luosi Lai Ting-en, however, consider that Is a prank, she hung up twice Obama calls.

Pavilion en Luosi Lai received the first phone call a play and Obama. She said: “You know you better than that Saturday night in a live program to imitate Obama’s much stronger person.” As Obama himself adhere to the identity, Luosi Lai Ting-yan said: “Your Doing a very good job, but speak frankly, I am a little tired. This is a very good prank. When they are on everyone, including myself, play practical jokes this time, I like the prank. Thank you very much. ” According to Luosi Lai Ting-yan said that Obama still insists on its own identity, said: “How can I convince you that I have is that Obama?” Luosi Lai Ting-en back: “Oh, good, and I wish you today Happy. This is a prank, I have to hang up. ”

Obama for a few minutes after his director of the Office of Emanuel once again call Luosi Lai Ting-en. Emanuel on Luosi Lai Ting-yan said: “Irina, I can not believe you would hang up the president-elect calls.” However, calls for ex-Ting Luo Silai still skeptical, refusing to believe that the calls were in Iraq Manuel. When Obama once again call Luosi Lai Ting-en, Luosi Lai Ting-yan said: “Brother, this is a very good prank, really, I like it, but I will not fall into the trap.” She also Hung up. House of Representatives Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Howard – Berman then call the emergency Luosi Lai Ting-yan, said she was offended Obama to take the risk. Even at that time, Luosi Lai Ting-yan also calls for Berman’s skeptical and asked him to repeat a joke that they had talked about. When Berman passed the test, Luosi Lai Ting-yan said: “I know this may sound very presumptuous, but please tell the president-elect, he can give me a call, and I will answer his phone.”

Pavilion en Luosi Lai for their vigilance for the defense, she said that despite the caller’s voice is very much like Obama, “Why Barack Obama will give me a little phone call?” Obama is clearly Think this is a lot of fun. Pavilion en Luosi Lai said Obama told her: “Hey, in Chicago, our radio stations so bad, they always play such a phone call from my staff on this matter has been inspired by. Each When they think I am a bit arrogant, they will remind me, and it will be one of two female members of Congress, I hang up the phone. “Luosi Lai Ting-en Obama and then discussed the United States, Israel and Cuba policy .

U.S. Republican vice presidential candidate on Perrin has a similar mischief when a Canadian radio announcer pretending to French President Sarkozy to call Perrin, a radio call their content. Luosi Lai Ting-en has been on the media when, a Latin American program to lure her onto the stage performing strip of steel pipe and related video on the Internet. Luosi Lai Ting-yan in an interview with U.S. Fox News said: “Oh, I engaged in a major? But how will I know that Obama is really, you know, radio all over the United States are very bad.”

OC’LIANE Oxygen Soft & Whitening Facial Milk

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OC’LIANE Oxygen Soft

Ingredients: pure active oxygen factor, peppermint and collagen depuratory factors.

Excellent effectiveness
•It deeply cleans and recuperates skin, eliminates fatigue and press, makes skin highly relaxed, brings skin pure and refreshing without any press as well as replenishes the necessary moisture and nutrition to moisten arid skin and improve the gloss of skin.

•It can fast permeate into basal skin layer, keep skin moist and at the same time restrain the formation of melanin,nurse skin, fade all kinds of spots and reduce the infraction of skin to tender and whiten the skin.

After wetting surface, take suitable amount of the goods in the palm, add water and rub it until there is foam, then uniformly apply the foam to the surface and massage it softly, finally wash it with water.

OC’LIANE Oxygen Whelk Removing Cleanser

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OC’LIANE effectiveness

It contains natural plant extract and pure active oxygen which has specific effect on antibacterial, the bubble is rich and smooth.

Excellent effectiveness
•It can clean skin in deep, dredge pores and remove surplus oil from the skin surface to fade blackhead and acne gradually. After using it, you will not feel your skin oily or tight but fully enjoy refreshing, comfortable and smooth .

• It can promote the birth of new cells, supply skin with enough moisture and nutrition, and help skin reach balance with its self-treatment to sebum to reduce the production of skin acne and the blackhead.

After wetting surface, take suitable amount of the goods in the palm, add water and rub it until there is foam, then uniformly apply the foam to the surface and massage it softly, finally wash it with water.